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Automatic Secure Bank Statement Collection

It's easy to get customers to complete the bank statement collection process as part of their finance application. Here's how...

CFI requests bank statements from all applicant businesses and primary individual applicants. Bank statements must be provided through our secure link to


When you submit an application via our broker portal you will be prompted to select which applicants should receive a request for bank statements. They’ll get an email from CFI letting them know you’ve submitted an application on their behalf an what to do next. The email will automatically include your contact details.


What happens if I miss somebody or want to add them later?

No problem! Just pop into the broker portal and select ‘Customer Application Request’ – Choose Bank Statements Only as the application type and you’ll be prompted to fill in a name and email address for your request.


Our online bank statement collection via Illion's is fast and secure

Just select which applicants you want to request bank statements from at the end of the application

If you need to request bank statements from a customer outside of a normal application just go to "Customer Application Request"