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You focus on your business,
CFI will take care of the finance

Business Finance that's Fast, Flexible, and Fair...
That's CFI Finance.

Every finance company claims to be different. Isn't it time one actually meant it?

At CFI we’ve spent more than 15 years providing timely access to flexible finance, without all the bank BS. Over that time we’ve helped thousands of ordinary Australians to realise their business dreams. We’d love to help you too.Whether you’re starting a new business, looking to buy a business, acquiring new assets, or growing the business you have, CFI Finance can help!

Where to next?

Get Pre-Approved
Apply online for finance in just a few minutes. Getting your finance in place should be one of the first steps on your franchising journey, whether you’re starting your first business or expanding your franchise footprint.
Tools & Calculators

Get an instant Online Quote, check out our How Much Can I Borrow calculator, or plan your startup costs with our Cost & Funding Scenario tool.

Finance Products
CFI has a range of Finance Products, from Business Loans to Equipment Finance and Working Capital. Find out more about our products and how CFI can help grow your business.
Franchise Finance Experts
CFI Finance are the franchise finance experts. Learn more about what makes CFI the first and best choice when it comes to franchise finance here.
Start a Business
Tell most finance companies you’re just starting and watch them run a mile. Well not CFI, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses get started, find out if we can help you too…
Buy a Business
When you’re buying a business there’s a lot to do. Take away one headache and talk to CFI about you business acquisition finance options today.
Franchise Accreditation
Accreditation is about driving network growth, providing streamlined access to funding for new and existing franchisees. If you’re a franchisor, take a look at the benefits of getting accredited with CFI.
For Finance Brokers
CFI partners with commercial finance brokers and aggregators to deliver fantastic SME finance outcomes. Learn more about becoming an accredited CFI Finance introducer on our broker page.
Useful Resources
We’ve pulled together a range of useful resources to help you get started, from Business Plan templates, to Financial Forecast tools, you’ll find it all on our Customer Resources page.

Choose Your Finance Product

1 - Apply Online in just a few minutes

Our online application process is quick and painless. You’ll need your ID documents handy as well as your ABN details if your business is already trading.

2 - Get Fast Approval

Approvals typically take between just 4 and 48 hours depending on deal size and complexity

3 - Speedy Payments

Contract documents are executed electronically saving you valuable time, and we can usually advance funds or pay your suppliers within one business day.

CFI Customer Stories

How can we help?

Request a call-back

Let us know how and when you'd like to be contacted and one of our lending specialists will contact you at a time that's convenient.

Give us a call

Ready to chat now? Just Call 1300 659 676 and talk to one of our friendly team.

Have a question

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions with answer to the queries we get most often.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get approved for finance?

Whilst banks can sometimes take weeks to make a decision, CFI can typically give you an answer with 24-48 hours. 

How much can I borrow?

Loan amounts vary by finance product and based on your specific circumstances. CFI typically lends amounts between $5,000 and $250,000 – but we can often lend more.

You say CFI are the 'Franchise Finance Specialists' what does that mean?

At CFI we started out just financing franchises, so we’re very good at it. CFI has relationships with lots of major franchise brands, and our franchise accreditation model can make it easier for existing and prospective franchisees to access funding.

What if I haven't started my business yet?

CFI has helped thousands of Australians to realise their  dreams of business ownership. Regardless of whether you’re looking to start a new business, or buy an existing business, CFI can help.

Do I need a deposit for a business loan?

A deposit may be required for some loans, but not always, it depends on a number of factors including the loan size and the financial product selected. For new businesses it may depend on what money you’ve already invested or plan to invest in setting up your business. A CFI Finance Specialist can give you a better indication of whether or not a deposit may be required based on your specific circumstances.

Can the interest rate of a CFI loan increase?
No. The rate is fixed for the term of the loan, giving you complete certainty around future repayments.*
*Excluding circumstances where a borrower has defaulted on a loan
Is my personal information safe with CFI?

CFI takes privacy very seriously, we can only use your personal information for very specific purposes (generally this means assessing your eligibility for our finance products or managing your products with us). You can view our privacy policy here

Can I get finance to buy a business?

Yes you can. CFI are experts when it comes to funding business acquisitions.

Have more questions? Click here to head over to our full FAQ page and find the answers you’re looking for…