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Equipment Finance

Finance your business assets with a lease or a loan from CFI Finance

CFI offers a range of asset finance solutions to suit almost every business need, from vehicles to coffee machines, and everything in between. With an asset finance product from CFI you can get the equipment your business needs today!


Finance just about anything with an asset finance solution from CFI...

  • motor vehicles
  • manufacturing equipment
  • catering assets
  • refrigeration and cool rooms
  • fitness equipment
  • point of sale systems
  • IT equipment

We could keep going, but we’re sure you get the picture. If it’s an asset used in your business, chances are CFI can fund it.

Finance terms of up to 5 years are available, with lease and loan solutions to suit every circumstance.

Lease or Loan?

Leases and loans are both common asset finance solutions in Australia. With a lease the finance company owns the asset and leases it to you over an agreed term, with a loan you own the asset and pledge it as security for the loan. 

Whilst both products allow you to spread out the cost of acquiring equipment they do have different tax and accounting treatments. CFI recommends that you talk to your accountant or advisor about what product best suits your requirements.

Want to know more? Click here to compare lease vs. loan products.

How long does it take to get approved?

Standard asset finance transactions are typically approved within a single business day, with more complex transactions occasionally taking 2-3 days. No matter which way you slice it CFI are ahead of the pack when it comes to approval speed.

How much can I borrow?

Asset finance solutions start at $10,000 and amounts of up to $250,000+ are available.

CFI can often fund 100% of the asset purchase price, and can offer solutions for soft-costs such as installation.

No matter what sort of business asset you’re looking to acquire, chances are CFI Finance can help.

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A CFI Business Loan can get you started. How much are you looking to borrow?


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How else can CFI Finance help?

Want to know more?

Give us a call on 1300 659 676 and to talk to one of our finance specialists about what a Business Loan from CFI Finance could do for you.

Check out some of our Customer Case Studies and learn more about the finance solutions we provide.

Take a look at our page for customers seeking finance to Buy a Business

Check out our frequently asked questions...​

How quickly can I get approved for finance?

Whilst banks can sometimes take weeks to make a decision, CFI can typically give you an answer within 24-48 hours. 

What sort of equipment can CFI Finance?

CFI can finance almost any asset used in your business, from vehicles to manufacturing equipment. CFI specialises in funding assets that the others just can’t say yes to. In simple terms, if your business uses it to make money, chances are we can finance it for you.

Will CFI finance used equipment?

Absolutely. Some banks and finance companies take a very narrow view of asset ages and useful life. CFI takes a broad view and will look at the reasonable remaining life in the asset no matter the age. Some things are just built to last, and we love that!

How much can I borrow?

Loan amounts vary by finance product and based on your specific circumstances. Business Loans are typically for amounts between $25,000 and $250,000 – but we can often lend more (and we have products for lower loan amounts).

What's the difference between and lease and a loan?
Both a financial products where you make regular payments over time. With a loan you own the asset from day-1, whereas with a lease you pay for the use of equipment over time and have a variety of options at the end of the lease term.
What sort of End-of-Term options are available for leases?

End of term options may vary by asset and product type (Finance Lease vs. Operating Lease) but typical end-of-term options include deciding to purchase the equipment you’ve been leasing, returning it to the lessor, continuing to lease at a reduced rate, or upgrading for new equipment.

Can I finance assets for my start-up?

Sure! We’re specialists when it comes to new businesses, so we’re happy to look at asset finance whether you’ve been in business for 5 years or 5 minutes!

Is there a minimum amount I can borrow?
Typically our asset finance products start at amounts of $5,000
Can I have a Residual or Balloon Payment?

Residual payments  (for leases) and Balloons (for loans) may be available depending on the term of the loan and the type of asset you’re looking to finance. Talk to a CFI Lending Specialist to find out more.

Does the interest rate of a CFI loan increase?
No. The rate is fixed for the term of the loan, giving you complete certainty around future repayments.*
*Excluding circumstances where a borrower has defaulted on a loan
Is my personal information safe with CFI?

CFI takes privacy very seriously, we can only use your personal information for very specific purposes (generally this means assessing your eligibility for our finance products or managing your products with us). You can view our privacy policy here

You say CFI are the 'Franchise Finance Specialists' what does that mean?

At CFI we started out just financing franchises, so we’re very good at it. CFI has relationships with lots of major franchise brands, and our franchise accreditation model can make it easier for existing and prospective franchisees to access funding.