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Want to enjoy some of CFI Finance success. Invest with us.

Invest With Us

CFI Finance now allows wholesale and sophisticated investors to participate in funding loans and leases to our business clients.

Sophisticated investors around the globe have been taking advantage of access to private credit investment opportunities for over a decade and enjoying excellent returns. 

Our proven track record and experience as a commercial lender now allows qualifying Australian investors to participate in our business and earn exceptional returns from the commercial lending sector on a passive basis.

How Does it Work


Funds are invested via one of our group companies set up specifically for this purpose.

Funds Deployed

Funds are used within the group to fund loans directly or to participate alongside our wholesale lending partners.

Monthly Distributions

Interest on invested funds is paid to investors at the end of each month, with performance reports provided every quarter.

How to Invest with us

Investment opportunities start at $100,000 (AUD) and are offered on a selective basis to qualifying wholesale and sophisticated investors. To find out more or to request an Information Memorandum please complete the form below.