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CFI's Broker Playbooks make information gathering easy....

It's often a challenge to cover off all of the questions a lender might ask, particularly with more complex transactions like start-ups and acquisitions. CFI has the answer.

It can be a challenge to remember all of the questions to ask when trying to pull a deal together, particularly if it’s in a space you don’t operate in often. At CFI we recognise we’re a little different, we don’t have a ‘matrix’ and the way a deal is packaged can often make a signficant difference to approvals (both in terms of time and whether the deal is approved at all).

Enter CFI Finance Playbooks

Playbooks present questions that are relevant to different types of deal in a logical order, helping you and your customer to build a picture of the deal. To access the Playbooks, login to the CFI Broker Portal and select Broker Resources – Playbooks…


Our Playbooks are resources for you, so they don’t automatically send the notes to us, we’ve done this deliberately as we understand people might go a little ‘short-hand’ when they’re on the phone to the customer, and then flesh out the details later, perhaps after receiving some supporting information…


Once you’ve finished your call and your notes, just click the “Email Details” button and all of your notes are sent to you. It couldn’t be easier.



Playbooks are a great help when it comes to putting together deals and extracting the story from a customer, whether in person or on the phone.

They also make great training aids for staff that don't deal with transactions of this type often.

Playbooks are for you, so they don't automatically send CFI the info. You have chance to flesh out notes and decide when and how to submit transactions.

If you have ideas for improvements to playbooks, our broker portal, or the resources we provide, please email [email protected]