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Franchise Accreditation Benefits

Hydraulink are just one of many franchises accredited with CFI. See how their franchisees benefit...

Dylan had been working as a Hydraulink franchisee for five years when the opportunity to acquire his own territory arose. With CFI’s help Dylan quickly went from employee, to mobile franchisee, to employing staff in his own workshop.

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Franchise network growth made easy

Dylan was a qualified fitter already working in the Hydraulink network. Franchisors know that their existing network is the perfect breeding ground for new franchisees.

Hydraulink are a leading manufacturer of hose and fittings, with over 400 service points throughout Australia and New Zealand. They’re also one of more than a hundred franchise groups that are accredited with CFI finance, giving their franchisees (and potential franchisees) streamlined access to funding.

Fast Facts

Business Loans from CFI Finance helped Richard to:

  • Buy stock, and fit-out a custom mobile workshop when first starting out as a franchisee
  • Go from employee to business owner
  • Expand from mobile mechanic into bricks-and-mortar-premises to meet increased demand.

The Scenario

Dylan was a quilified fitter working in the franchise network when the opportunity arose to purchase his own territory. He had some funds to put towards the puchase but needed to keep most of his cash aside for working capital. A few years after buying his territory Dylan was looking to expand with business premises that would allow him to carry bulkier stock and provide a greater range of services to his customers.

The Positives

  • Dylan was qualified to work hands-on in the business and had experience in the franchise network.
  • Hydraulink is an accredited franchise network with CFI, ensuring CFI could offer streamlined access to funds and less hoops to jump through.
  • When Dylan came back for funds to expand his business, his history with CFI and strong performance as a franchisor made it easy to approve a second loan.

The Challenges

  • Dylan didn’t own property, and would be seen by many financiers as a poor bet simply because he didn’t have any business trading history. For CFI Finance however these things didn’t count against Dylan.

The Result

CFI Finance provided Dyaln with his first loan in 2019 to help finance stock and fit-out of his mobile workshop van. When Dylan came back looking to expand his business into fixed premises the process couldn’t have been simpler.

Case Study Callouts

As an accredited franchise network Hyrdaulink franchisees (and potential franchisees) have streamlined access to higher funding amounts

Relevant qualifications and industry experience counts for a lot with CFI Finance

Not being a property owner wasn't a barrier to obtaining finance

Names in this case-study have been change to protect customer privacy – Learn more

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Buying an existing franchise

This entrepreneur purchased an established Bakers Delight franchise.

Richard served his apprenticeship with Bakers Delight some 20 years ago. He'd worked in the franchise network previously but he had been out of the baking industry for some time. When the opportunity to own his own establised bakery arose CFI Finance was there to help make it happen.

Richard had been out of the baking industry for a few years but he was well experienced in running his own business and as a baker. Even better, Richard already knew the ins and outs of the Bakers Delight franchise system.

Richard had saved a small deposit but he didn't own his own home and he was still paying off an old personal loan under an arrangement with the financier. For CFI all of the positives easily outweighed the negatives.

Fast Facts

A Business Loan from CFI Finance helped Richard to:

  • Buy an existing franchise business in a succesful network
  • Leverage his previous experience in baking and business management
  • Get past a couple of dark smudges on his credit file

The Scenario

Richard had completed his apprenticeship as a baker some 20 years ago, but since then he’d worked in a number of other industries. He had some tangible assets but didn’t own his own home.

Richard could see the opportunity within an existing Bakers Delight franchise, and how he could make it even better, he just needed to find a finance company that could see that too.

The Positives

  • Richard knew the industry and the franchise network
  • He was buying into a successful franchise network and could see the potential for growth and improvements in the store he was buying
  • Richard was willing to put everything he had into the business to make it work

The Challenges

  • Richard’s credit file had a small black mark from an old debt, but he was still taking responsibility for it and paying it off.
  • Richard and his partner didn’t own their own home (which may have helped but for CFI Finance was by no means a deal breaker).

The Results

Richard was able to complete the purchase quickly with a Business Loan from CFI Finance. After taking over the bakery he took on the role of head baker and has employed another baker full time to increase capacity. We hope that soon Richard looks to join the ranks of multi-unit franchisees, and we’ll be there for him when he does.

Names in this case-study have been change to protect customer privacy – Learn more

Case Study Callouts

Not being property owners wasn't a barrier to obtaining finance

Prior experience in the industry, as well as Richard's overall life and management experience, counted for a lot with our credit team.

A great credit history is a great thing, but often it's OK to not be perfect.

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