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Finance Companies for Franchises

Where to Look When Financing a Franchise

Financing a franchise has been made easy with the equipment financing solutions on offer from CFI Finance®. As a leading Australian franchise finance provider, thousands of businesses have chosen us to help with their start-up or expansion phases.

We offer both fixed-term and flexible solutions, depending on your needs. Unlike a bank, we offer manageable payment solutions and a simple application process. Financing your equipment through us allows you to retain your capital, instead of spending it all at the start on costly commercial equipment which will deteriorate over time. By financing your equipment, you allow it to pay itself off over time, minimising your asset risk and saving your hard-earned cash.

Lease Business Equipment by CFI Finance

What makes CFI different?

CFI has deleloped a range of products and services tailored to small businesses in general, and to the specialist needs of our key market segments, particularly franchising.

Some of the biggest differences are behind the scenes, because we’re a finance company and not a broker our customers can talk directly to the decision makers, and because we only work with SME’s we can be much more flexible than a bank.

This is How Easy Financing a Franchise Business Through CFI Finance® is,

Here’s how simple it is.

  1. Get quotes for the equipment you need.
  2. Apply online in just a few minutes.
  3. Applications are typically approved within 24 hours.
  4. Contracts are prepared and executed electronically

We do all the work – all you need to do is apply. Give us a call on 1300 659 676 to speak to a friendly Customer Service Representative today.  

What sort of finance does CFI provide?

CFI provides equipment finance (leases and loans), as well as finance for business acquisitions, fitout, refubishment, and more. We help to finance start-ups and business acquisitions, and we also provide short to medium term loans to help boost working capital for established businesses.

Asset Finance Solutions by CFI Finance

Here’s what we offer:

  • Finance just 1 item or an entire store fit-out, new, used and custom-made equipment, serialised or non-serialised.
  • Apply online, approvals are usually issued within 24 hours.
  • Our friendly customer service team holds your hand through the entire process.
  • Flexible end-of-term options and manageable weekly payments standard
  • Full range of finance products available
  • Contract terms ranging from 12 months to 5 years.
  • Reserve your capital to grow your business, attract more business or retain as a safety net.

For more information on financing a franchise contact CFI Finance® today on 1300 659 676.