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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rental

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rental, Leasing and Business Loans

Finding commercial kitchen equipment rental options can be challenging, especially when you’re starting out your franchise business and during the stressful period when you expand to a second or more locations.For business owners who would prefer to retain their valuable working capital, commercial kitchen equipment rental, leasing or business loans are the ideal solution, with CFI Finance® offering manageable payment options and flexible terms on our rental solutions.As leaders in the franchise financing industry, we offer smart solutions to your equipment financing needs including business loans, rentals and leasing options, without the hassle usually associated with obtaining funding from traditional financial institutions.
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Easy Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rental, Leasing and Business Loans

We focus on making commercial equipment financing simple and quick.Why Finance instead of Buy?Franchise business owners, whether starting out or expanding will be faced with the choice of either buying their equipment outright at the start or financing it. Ultimately commercial kitchen equipment is expensive, and financing this equipment is a smart solution if you want to hold on to your working capital. This capital can be better spent on running, promoting and expanding your business.As this article on points out, renting or leasing your equipment rather than buying is the smarter option for a number of reasons,“Leasing equipment instead of buying helps you avoid maintenance costs and can also prevent you from overpaying on equipment only needed for a specific period of time. (Source: post also highlights the importance of having sufficient capital on hand, something you probably will not have if you spend all your cash on purchasing costly equipment at the start of the business,Small businesses often do not have enough capital to get themselves through the startup phase. To prevent this, have three months’ living expenses saved plus the amount you are expecting to need for the first three months’ business expenses. Plan as if you expect to receive no business revenue.(Source: you want to lease, rent or secure a business loan to acquire the hospitality equipment you need, CFI Finance® can help. We can fund entire commercial kitchen/store fit-outs or a single item of equipment for your kitchen.You can also return the equipment if it’s not what you need.

How it Works:

  1. Find the equipment you need and complete your application online choosing between our rental, leasing or business loan options, with terms ranging from 1 to 5 years.
  2. We will have you approved asap, in most cases within 24 hours.
  3. Your supplier is paid and the equipment is delivered to you.

To learn more about our commercial kitchen equipment rental, leasing and business loan solutions, call us on 1300 659 676 today.