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From little things...

When Chris called CFI looking for a small business loan he was already fed up of trying to deal with his bank. After weeks of back-and-forth his bank still couldn’t make a decision, and wanted Chris to refinance his long term debt facility at a higher rate, rather than extend an additional small loan. Enter CFI…

Store Refurbishment

How it started

Chris had taken over a franchised fast food site in a well known network almost a year ago. With hard work by Chris and his wife, turnover had improved significantly. In fact, things were going so well his franchisor began to gently nudge about upgrading to their new flagship fitout and branding. Chris agreed the investment was worthwhile but it would require some additional funding.

CFI can provide funding for store fitouts and refurbishments.

How did CFI help?

Our team already had a great understanding of the franchise network, store formats, and the new branding. This meant there were plenty of questions we just didn’t need to ask, and less hoops for Chris to jump through.

The reason for the loan made sense, and although Chris’ bank already held primary security over the business, the clear servicing and strong character exhibited by Chris and his wife made the decision an easy one, his approval was issued within a couple of hours and funds available the next morning.

What happened next?

About a week after we settled the transaction we heard from Chris again. He’d been looking at acquiring another store in the network for some time but hadn’t pulled the trigger, obviously finance for the acquisition was a key consideration, could CFI help?

Once again we already had plenty of our standard questions answered. We knew the network and so did Chris. All we really needed was some detail around the business Chris was looking to buy and an Information Memorandum was quickly emailed over. Once again we were able to deliver Chris a fast approval and put him in a great position to execute on the purchase.

All the good stuff!

We love deals where we get to showcase some of the great things we do:

  • Fast approval & great service
  • Funding for a refurbishment
  • Worked with existing bank funding
  • Acquisition Finance

Any advice provided by CFI is general in nature and does not take into account your specific requirements or circumstances. CFI recommends obtaining professional legal and financial advice before undertaking any material business transaction, including obtaining finance.

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