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Finance to buy an existing franchise

Are you looking at purchasing an established franchise business? CFI Finance are the franchise finance experts, our team can help.

Buying an established franchise can be a great way to jump start your business, or to expand your existing network.

Some banks and finance companies may treat you like you bring all of the risks of a brand new venture, with no credit for the head-start you’re investing in.

At CFI we’re experts when it comes to franchise start-ups and acquisitions. Our team can help you make it happen.

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A CFI Business Loan can get you started. How much are you looking to borrow?


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How can CFI Finance help?

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This will be my first franchise business. Can CFI help?

Absolutely! CFI have helped thousands of people just like you to buy their first franchise. Our network of accredited brands and deep understanding of the franchise industry makes it easy to get finance even if you’ve never been in business before.

What does 'accredited franchise' mean?

CFI works with eligible franchise networks to develop a deep understanding of their business. With this information we build a profile that helps us understand the particular needs of franchisees in that network.

This all means we can make the franchise finance process easier, often offering high maximum funding amounts and special rates for prospective and existing franchisees.

My Franchise isn't accredited with CFI, what can I do?

CFI are specialists when it comes to franchising, and a franchise network doesn’t need to be accredited with us in order to obtain funding.

If you’e a franchisor and you’d like to get accredited, you can check out our accreditation page here.

Does CFI finance franchise fees?

CFI can finance franchise fees for a number of our accredited brands and often for multi-unit franchisees looking to expand into new territories.

Can I get finance to buy an established franchise?

Yes you can. CFI are experts when it comes to funding business acquisitions. If you’re looking to buy an established franchise that’s great, we’d love to help.

How do I find out if a particular franchise is accredited with CFI?

You can contact one of our Franchise Finance Specialists on 1300 659 676 or email us:  [email protected]

How quickly can I get approved for finance?

Whilst banks can sometimes take weeks to make a decision, CFI can typically give you an answer within 24-48 hours. For our accredited brands it’s often as little as 4 hours!

How much can I borrow?

Loan amounts vary by finance product and based on your specific circumstances. CFI typically lends amounts between $5,000 and $250,000 – but we can often lend more.

Some franchise brands will have an ‘accreditation amount’ which is an amount that we’ve set a benchmark for a particular franchise brand. It means we can make it easier (compared to non-accredited brands) to access up to this amount, but it doesn’t mean we’re limited to that amount or that we will always approve applicants for that particular amount.

What is a Simple Interest Rate?
Simple Interest is the amount that you pay back on top of the amount you’ve borrowed. It’s one of the easiest ways to understand the cost of a loan.The formula for Simple Interest is: Amount Borrowed x Interest Rate x Length of Loan (in years).So for a $50,000 loan over 6 months with a 11% simple interest rate, the calculation would be 50,000 x 0.11 x 0.5 = $2,750 interest paid.To calculate the Annual Simple Interest Rate the calculation is done in reverse: Total Interest Payable / Loan Amount / Loan Term in YearsSo using our example: $2,750 (Interest Payable) / $50,000 (Loan Amount) / 0.5 (Term in Years) = 11%
Can the interest rate of a CFI loan increase?
No. The rate is fixed for the term of the loan, giving you complete certainty around future repayments.*
*Excluding circumstances where a borrower has defaulted on a loan
Is my personal information safe with CFI?

CFI takes privacy very seriously, we can only use your personal information for very specific purposes (generally this means assessing your eligibility for our finance products or managing your products with us). You can view our privacy policy here

Does CFI only finance franchises?

Not at all. CFI provides finance to small and medium businesses across a range of industries. (It just happens that we’re very good at lending to franchises and we do a lot of it). If you’re not a franchise you can click here and access information that’s relevant for all business types.