Finding an equipment finance broker for Brisbane based franchise businesses may seem like a challenge, given the numerous options available, but CFI Finance, a leading Australian franchise equipment finance provider is the number one choice, making equipment financing simple and fast.A recent post on highlighted the importance of finding the right financing option for your dream franchise. The writer discusses the various options available including Small business administration loans, family and friends’ loans, home equity loans and even rollover for business start-ups.The writer suggests asking the following questions before making the choice,
  • What is the total cost of financing (including interest rates, fees to secure financing, etc.)?
  • What, if any, of my assets are at risk as collateral?
  • What are the terms and conditions if I default?
  • How will the total and monthly repayment cost work into my current and expected cash flow?
  • What is the amortization schedule of the debt? How long do I have to repay the loan? Will my monthly payments or interest rates change over time?
Source: out your franchise business or expanding to a second or more location is expensive, so financing your equipment rather than buying it outright at the start is the smart choice. This allows you to save the money you have on hand for any unexpected expenses that may arise such as the need to hire more staff or advertise to attract more business, giving you the edge.Get a quote banner imageAs a leading equipment finance broker in Brisbane and around Australia we are preferred by thousands of franchise business owners because we take the hassle out of commercial equipment finance.While financing through traditional means such as a bank can be challenging and involve mountains of paperwork, there is an easier option – financing through equipment finance brokers.Brisbane based franchise businesses, just starting out or expanding to another location can obtain the finance they need for their commercial equipment through CFI Finance. The process is simply completed online and once you submit your application we’ll assess it and have you approved as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.We will also send the contract, written in plain English to you and have your supplier paid so the assets can be delivered to you.No need to submit business plans, heaps of paper forms or apply in person, the application is done online and the turn-around time is fast, we aim to have you approved within 24 hours. In most cases we don’t require any personal security.We also offer manageable payments and 3 financing solutions, depending on your needs, they include leasing, rental and business loans.To find out more, contact us on 1300 659 676.Get a quote banner imageNext Page: Equipment Finance Brisbane

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