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Franchise Restaurant Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing Options For Your Restaurant Franchise

Franchise restaurant equipment financing is available for entrepreneurs starting a new hospitality business or expanding to their second or more locations.

What are Your Options when Financing Franchise Equipment?

Franchise owners seeking finance for their small business equipment loans have two main options available, debt financing or equity financing.

Equity financing is using your own money to purchase the commercial equipment you need or acquiring the funds from investors (in exchange for shares in the company).

Debt financing is the logical choice if you don’t have the lump sum of cash on hand to purchase equipment, or if you don’t want to give away part of your company to investors. Using debt strategically also allows you to retain your capital to use in the running and expansion of the business.

This is crucial during the start-up or expansion phases, allowing you to attract more customers through marketing and advertising efforts. Having money available may also facilitate faster growth and expansion of the business.

Equity finance could also take a lot of time especially to find the right investor, which may delay when you can start operating resulting in costing you more money. Debt financing can be quick to implement and retains your valuable capital without splitting your future value.

Advantages of Debt Financing for Your Franchise

According to the Western Australia government, these are some of the advantages of choosing debt financing for your franchise restaurant equipment,

  • You retain full control of your business.
  • The interest on the loan is tax deductible.
  • The loan can be short or long term.


Restaurant Equipment Financing by CFI Finance

Once you’ve decided that debt finance is the best option for you, you must find the right financier for your franchise restaurant equipment financing. There are many places to look for finance, banks, brokers and the equipment suppliers themselves are all options, but each comes with its own limitations. CFI Finance is not a bank, and not a broker, CFI is an Australian owned independent finance company that specialises in financing businesses just like yours.

Franchise restaurant equipment financing is easier through CFI Finance®, a leader in franchise equipment financing in Australia.

Applications are quick and easy to complete online. You choose your equipment supplier and the equipment you need. Approvals typically take less than 24 hours, and our customer service team will hold your hand through every step of the process.

CFI Finance® offer a broad range of finance products from leases to loans, and can help with the acquisition of individual items of equipment or a full restaurant fitout.

To learn more about the smart franchise restaurant equipment financing solutions from CFI Finance® click here.