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Gym Franchise Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental for Your Gym Franchise

Gym franchise equipment rental, leasing and business loans are available from leading Australian commercial equipment finance firm CFI Finance® through a quick and simple online application process.

The Easy Way to Fully Equip Your Fitness Franchise

This post on explains why so many entrepreneurs are choosing to rent or lease their commercial equipment…

Franchise Equipment Rental by CFI Finance

“When you lease capital equipment, it costs you just the first lease payment and some fees to get the equipment you need for your business. If you buy you must either pay the full cost or, if you finance, the down payment for regular financing of commercial equipment will be significantly more than the lease start-up costs. Even if you have enough money to buy the equipment, leasing allows you to hang on to that cash and keep it ready for other uses or needs in your business”


Now that you’ve decided to retain your precious capital, and lease or rent your gym equipment instead or obtain a business loan to purchase equipment, you’ll need to decide on the right finance provider. 

Who is the Right Financer for Your Gym Equipment?

Whether you’re a start-up gym franchise or expanding to additional locations, these are the most stressful phases of any business. Finding gym equipment rental, leasing or business loans doesn’t need to add to that stress which why CFI Finance® is a smart choice.

CFI has deleloped a range of products and services tailored to small businesses in general, and to the specialist needs of our key market segments.

Some of the biggest differences are behind the scenes, because we’re a finance company and not a broker our customers can talk directly to the decision makers, and because we only work with SME’s we can be much more flexible than a bank.

To speak to a friendly Customer Service Representative about our gym franchise equipment rentals, leasing or business loans call 1300 659 676.