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Business Broker Information

CFI helps business brokers and their clients with fast & flexible finance for business acquisitions

Matching the business purchasers with business sellers can be hard work. CFI can help facilitate business purchase transactions with fast and flexible acquisition finance.


Business acquisition finance made easy with CFI

Sure, others claim to finance new businesses, but do they really? CFI have spent years helping people achieve their business ownership dreams. 

We work to understand the experience and motivations of our applicants and how it relates to the business they’re purchasing. With deep understanding comes flexibility, and a fair go at making that business purchase happen.

Did you know...

  • CFI can approve finance for zero-day ABN’s.
  • CFI finances a broad range of business types, often in industries the others decline without a second glance.
  • CFI can fund tangible assets as well as intangible components like goodwill.

Let's be real

For most financiers ‘time in business’ is the first (and sometimes only) question they ask. Try talking to them about someone that hasn’t even made it out of the gates yet and they just don’t want to know.

At CFI we look at genuine ‘new business’ transactions on a daily basis. We approve and fund transactions of all sizes, and we measure our approval times in hours, not weeks or days.

We're not a finance broker

That’s not to bag out brokers, we work hand-in-hand with commercial finance brokers across Australia and New Zealand. But the reality is because we’re a truly independent finance company, we can be truly different. We call that difference ‘Fast, Flexible & Fair‘, and they’re words we try to live by.

We love franchises, but we're so much more

We don’t shy away from our roots, we’ve been specialists in the franchise industry for 20 years, but we’re not just for franchises. CFI provides finance to businesses of all types and sizes, in just about every industry imaginable. No matter what type of business you’re looking to finance, chances are CFI Finance can help.

We're quick too

We might have already mentioned, when you deal with CFI you’re dealing directly with the decision makers. When it comes to banks or other big finance companies, our customers tell us all the time ‘those guys took weeks‘. We know that time can make all the difference for a business purchaser, there’s often someone else just waiting to swoop in. So when you need a fast approval, you know who to call…

Want to know more?

Give us a call on 0800 456 687 and to talk to one of our sales team about how you can partner with CFI

Check out some of our Customer Case Studies and learn more about the finance solutions we provide.

Take a look at our page for customers seeking finance to Buy a Business

Why business brokers need CFI

CFI Finance is an independent finance company operating in Australia and New Zealand. We’re not a finance broker, so when you deal with CFI you’re dealing directly with the decision makers.

Accreditation with CFI is quick and simple, just like our customer application process. 

Lending criteria, as well as terms and conditions apply to the products and services CFI provides. For more information talk to one of our Lending Specialists.

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