Ali Brown

Ali Brown founded and runs We Lead, a company created to empower women in business through entrepreneur coaching and business advice. Named as one of Forbes’ Women to Watch, Ali has a significant following and recently launched The Trust, a global network of female entrepreneurs.

Ali describes herself as a self-made millionaire, and now mentors other women who want to achieve big things in business. Her blog shared her own personal insights as well as the stories of other women, as well as advice on how to make the most of opportunities and excel.


Natalie MacNeil

Natalie MacNeil is the writer behind She Takes on the World and is a coach for female entrepreneurs across the globe. Her focus on is tackling big tasks by doing them in little steps and helping people build habits that lead to success. Her platform shares a wealth of advice and encourages readers to focus on personal growth as well as their business goals.

Natalie’s blog posts feature a wide variety of special guests to provide their insight on topics such as productivity, networking, and brain performance. As well as this she also covers mental health and physical wellness and how this connects to your business success.


Nicole Matejic

Nicole Matejic is an international author and trusted source on topics such as military operations, social intelligence, and diplomacy. Her book, Social Media Rules for Engagement examined how to use social media as a tool in times of crisis and to control your own story.

Nicole’s blog covers a range of topics including social media, crisis management, and responding to problems – making it an excellent resource of business owners everywhere. Taking a slightly different tact to many other business bloggers her unique perspective is fuelled by her diverse educational background, making her articles an interesting read.


Kate Cook

Kate Cook is the founder of Small Paper Things and is known as ‘The Attribution Gal’. Her marketing-based blog helps those in the industry by offering resources, guides, and templates, she also provides 1-on-1 mentoring, audits and consulting for clients.

A self-described ‘geek’, Kate highlights the importance of data in digital marketing and creating a seamless system. Her blog covers a broad range of topics and has excellent advice on all things marketing, from budgeting to reporting to what tools to use, her platform is a comprehensive guide.

Naomi Simson

Naomi Simson is the founder of RedBalloon, which later became part of Big Red Group, a community of over 2000 small businesses. However, you may know her for her role supporting small business start-ups on the television show Shark Tank. As an entrepreneur, investor, and business owner Naomi gained a depth of knowledge over her 20 years in the industry.

Naomi’s blog covers a broad range of topics from tactical business planning, to entrepreneurship advice, and how to build a positive workplace culture. She also offers a weekly newsletter so you can get her articles delivered straight to your inbox every Monday.


Kasia Gospos

Kasia Gospos is the CEO of Leaders in Heels and started her journey in 2011 after leaving Poland only a few years earlier to seek new experiences in Australia. Leaders in Heels has built a community of successful women and shares their stories and advice through their platform.

Kasia’s blog articles discuss career development including public speaking, leadership and changing jobs; she gives advice on business start-ups, running an online business and marketing; and delves into lifestyle factors such as productivity, relationship management and wellness.

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