You did your research, and you are now convinced that this franchise is the right franchise opportunity for you. You have assessed your working capital and realized that you need to maximize your cash flow. So now it’s time to apply for small business finance and get pre-approved. You will initially need to complete an application form and sign legal documents when you apply for a franchise loan — this is the paperwork stage and your chances of success are much greater if you come prepared!

It is important to collect all the necessary information and prepare the requested documents to make sure that your application is complete. Failure to complete the requirements may delay the application process and affect the overall operations of your franchise business. If you are not comfortable preparing this information yourself, you should consult your accountant or engage the services of a finance broker.


Here is a list of some of the typical documents you will need to prepare to present to your small business finance provider:

A fully completed and signed application form. Indicate the details of your franchise business information, ABN, business operations, franchise/license agreements, working capital, etc. You may also be required to sign a consent or privacy agreement and provide a statement of assets and liabilities.

Your business plan. Don’t underestimate the importance of a business plan with lenders. Make sure it is in an easy to read format and get to the point. A long business plan doesn’t mean it is better than a short but to the point plan. State your goals as well as your business strategies. Include your timelines, business objectives, financial projections and performance metrics. Discuss also your initiatives and approach to achieving your goals. Mention your action plans on products, pricing, staff, advertising and marketing, and sales and distribution. You could include a SWOT analysis. There are actually many templates online that you can use to help you put your own business plan together.

Your cash flow forecast. Prepare at least a 12-month projection of your profitability and cash flow. Lenders ideally like to see 3 years, but 12 months is a minimum. You should also ensure that that your forecasts include the repayments of the franchise loan so that lenders can see how the business can service the loan. You may need the help of your accountant on this requirement.

Your tax returns. Lenders may request either personal tax returns or if you are already in business or franchise, they may ask for your business tax returns. Submit this document to help assist your loan provider in verifying your income.

Contracts, deeds, and agreements. This includes the lease for space as appropriate for your franchise and credit agreements with the suppliers and vendors of your franchisor.

This list is not exhaustive and there may well be other documents or details your franchise loan provider may require to support your application.

The loan approval and release of credit depends on the time it takes for the loan provider to process your application, so if you can make it easy for them by providing all of the information then you should expect a faster decision.


CFI Finance

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