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Welcome to CFI Finance...

Do you sell Equipment, Software, Services?

Would you like to close more sales?

Do you need to overcome objections?

Would you like to get paid faster?

...Vendor Finance from CFI could be just what you need!

CFI is an Australian independent finance companyspecilasing in providing finance to SME’s. Since2014 we’ve built our organisation around the exceptional service we provide and our flexiblecommon sense approach to business lending. 

Working with a quality finance partner could be agame changer for your business!

What is Vendor Finance?

With a Vendor Finance program we provide you with the tools to quickly and easily include a finance option with all of your quotes or proposals.

Your customers can elect to pay over time but you get paid straight away! The customer can choose from a range of different finance products including rentals, leases and loans.

Why offer Finance to your Customers?

So many reasons!

Sell More – Providing customers with a low weekly paymentoption for equipment removes objections aroundprice, budget, cap-ex processes and more.

Earn More – Selling with finance helps to reduce pressure todiscount sale prices and can help customers buymore from you.

Happy Customers – Customers that use finance can often ‘buy better’;whether it’s specification, quality, or quantity,improving customer satisfaction

Repeat Customers – When customers get used to paying for assets as alow weekly payment upgrades and futurereplacements become much easier.

Get Paid Fast – Forget about long drawn-out payment terms fromcustomers and waiting to get paid. Selling with afinance solution means getting paid immediately!

Finance the Total Solution – Include costs like freight and installation in theamount financed. One easy payment for thecustomer, one huge benefit for you.

Benefits at a glance

  • Sell More / Earn More!
  • Get Paid Faster
  • CFI are SME Experts
  • Fast Online Approval
  • Loan or Lease
  • Flexible Terms 1-5 Years
  • Finance from $5,000

How does it work?

  • We give you the tools to make quoting finance with every deal easy
  • Your customers apply with us Online
  • Approvals are fast and we work with you every step of the way
  • Customer contracts are delivered and signed electronically
  •  You supply the goods as normal
  • When the customer accepts the goods we pay you in full
  • The customer starts making their regular repayments

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