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Best Equipment Financing Companies For Franchises

Best Equipment Finance Companies in Australia

The best equipment finance companies in Australia are the ones that offer a range of financing solutions to suit your needs, combined with excellent customer service. A leader in this field is CFI Finance®, whose directors have more than 20 years of experience in franchise financing.We put this experience to good use, providing you the best commercial equipment funding options to make starting out or expanding your business less stressful.By choosing one of our rental, leasing or business loan options for your new or used commercial equipment financing, you can retain your cash to spend on running and promoting your business.
Best Equipment Finance by CFI Finance

How to Choose from The Best Equipment Finance Companies

While there are other equipment finance companies out there, we aim to make the process as quick and easy as possible, doing away with unnecessary, complicated processes. Our application process begins online, allowing you to complete the process from the comfort of your own home.

You choose select your preferred equipment and supplier, we work with all reputable suppliers and can finance a broad range of equipment.

Remember, we can finance just one item of equipment or the entire store fit-out of equipment for your business. Whatever you business, from personal services, to hospitality, to eduction, CFI Finance can help!

We will assess your application and typically issue approvals within 24 hours. Contracts are delivered and executed electronically.

Why Finance instead of Buying Equipment Outright?

Here are just a few reasons to finance instead of buying your commercial equipment outright at the start.

Retain your capital

The most obvious benefit of financing your commercial equipment is that you can hold onto your capital to be used in other areas of the business including expansion, marketing or improvements.

Align the cost of equipment to the revenue it generates

Business assets should be revenue generating, by using finance effectively you can align the cost of acquiring and running your business equipment with the money coming into your business.

Maintain Cash flow & Budget with certainty.

Finance helps business owners to maintain cash flow. It also provides greater certainty in budgeting because of the manageable, customized repayments.

Ultimately the best business equipment rental companies provide solutions to suit your needs. At CFI Finance®, we offer flexible rental, fixed leasing and business loans to suit your commercial equipment funding needs. Whether you need new, quality used, or custom-built equipment, you can get the finance you need through us.

To find out more about Finance Companies for Franchises speak to a friendly customer service representative today on 1300 659 676.