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Franchise Business Equipment Rental

Best Franchise Business Equipment Rental Options For Your Business!

Franchise business equipment rental, leasing and business loans are the smart way to secure the funding you need for your commercial equipment.Perhaps you are short on the cash to purchase the equipment outright or you may have the cash on hand but would prefer to retain your capital to spend on other important aspects of running a franchise business, such as advertising and marketing efforts, increasing your chances of success, financing your commercial equipment is the smart solution.Franchise businesses, either in their start-up or expansion phases usually require expensive commercial equipment, and if you’ve decided to rent, lease or secure a business loan to fund the equipment, CFI Finance® has a solution to suit your needs. We specialise in financing for all types of businesses such as kitchen equipment financing, gym equipment rental, bakery fit-outs etc.
Franchise Business Equipment by CFI Finance

Difference between Franchise Business Equipment Rental, Leasing and Business Loans

CFI Finance®, a leading Australian finance provider offers the following solutions to small business owners starting out their franchise business or expanding to their second or more locations,

  1. Flexible Equipment Rental: The rental solution offers you the benefit of changing terms without getting stuck in a long-term contract. 
  2. Fixed-term Leasing: The leasing option ranges between 3 to 5 years and you will own the equipment at the end of the chosen term.
  3. Business Loans: This option is for those who want to own their equipment from the start. Loan terms up to 5 years.

All options offer a range of benefits which include fast and efficient service, a simple online application and solutions to suit your specific needs.

Once you decide on the right equipment and supplier, you can apply online via our website in just a few minutes and approval typically takes around 24 hours.

Get Your Equipment Rental Approved and Start Operating!

We’re not a bank, so we don’t bury you in bureaucracy and you’re dealing direclt with the decision makers when it comes to your finance application.

This post on explains some of the hurdles small businesses face in obtaining finance…

“…debt capital is now always easy to secure, with many small businesses finding it hard to secure financing from traditional banks and often traditional bank loans do not offer flexibility in terms of repayments which can affect cash flow.

There are also hurdles in securing debt capital for small businesses. Many small business owners struggle to find sufficient financing to expand their business. Banks place considerable hurdles for loan applicants to overcome and at times it seems as though the only people who can get money are those who don’t need it.”


What Franchisees Are Now Choosing

More entrepreneurs are choosing CFI Finance® for their commercial equipment finance because of the convenience and ease, as well as the long term financial benefits of preserving capital.

Help your business get ahead with franchise business equipment rental, leasing or business loans from CFI Finance®call us on 1300 659 676 to find out more.