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Kitchen Equipment Financing For Franchise Businesses

How To Finance Kitchen Equipment For Franchise Businesses

Getting kitchen equipment financing for franchise businesses can be really stressful for business owners, especially during the crucial start-up or expansion phases of the business, when there are so many other things to worry about.

Getting simple, convenient financing with manageable repayments can help alleviate a lot of the stress associated with starting a hospitality business or expanding to a second or more locations.

Kitchen Equipment Finance by CFI Finance

Making the Best Choice for Your Kitchen Equipment Financing

For franchise businesses, one of the biggest concerns is acquiring the equipment needed for your restaurant, bakery or other small franchise business to operate successfully. When it comes to a hospitality business, your kitchen equipment is your business, but investing in quality equipment can soak up cash fast.

You can either spend all your capital at the start and purchase the equipment outright or maybe bring in equity investors to help fund it, but that means giving up a share of your business.

There is another option! A flexible finance can help you to preserve your capital and avoid giving away chunks of your business.

Obtaining finance can be daunting for small business owners, but CFI makes it easy with a range of specialised products including loans, leases and rental products.

What CFI Finance® Can Offer You

At CFI Finance® we do away with the usual concerns by offering,

  • Flexible payment options.
  • We offer rental, leasing and business loans, depending on your needs.
  • Manageable weekly payments.

Most Convenient Way to Equip Your Kitchen Franchise

The entire process couldn’t be simpler. Apply on our website in just a few minutes, approvals are typically issued within 24 hours and contracts are executed electronically. 

To get franchise restaurant equipment financing for franchise businesses today speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives on 1300 659 676 or click for more information.