Looking for equipment finance brokers in Sydney? CFI Finance is a leading franchise finance company that has helped thousands of businesses around Australia fund their commercial equipment so that they can retain their capital for use on other important aspects of the business such as advertising, marketing and even hiring more staff.

Why is this important? Practically all small business owners have one thing in common, personal and financial sacrifices made for the good of their business.

In a recent article on Entrepreneur.com small business owners were surveyed and questioned about their commitment to growth. The writer explained,

Small business owners surveyed were also highly committed to business growth. Whenever they had extra cash, they were most likely to reinvest it into their business rather than treating themselves or planning for their personal future. Here is a breakdown of the largest percentages:

  • 40 said they would immediately reinvest in the business rather than pay themselves
  • 17 percent would save for retirement
  • 14 percent would set aside extra cash for personal or family investments

(Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/306855)

These percentages make it clear that most small entrepreneurs are committed to the success of their business and are willing to make financial sacrifices if they believe it will benefit the business.

Fortunately, when it comes to acquiring the commercial equipment needed for franchise businesses, whether expanding or just starting out, finance is available.

Financing the commercial equipment needed has a number of benefits, one of the most notable being the ability to retain your capital. So instead of sacrificing personally to be able to afford the equipment needed, you can finance it and have it pay itself off over time.

Given that the future of your business is so important to you, this also increases your chances of success because the money you would have spent on buying your equipment outright, can be spent on endeavours to promote your business such as advertising.

Once you’ve decided to finance your equipment, finding equipment finance brokers in Sydney or elsewhere in NSW is the next step.

CFI Finance is a specialist national franchise finance company that believes in taking the hassle out of financing your commercial equipment.

As leading equipment finance brokers in Sydney and around Australia, we have helped thousands of businesses acquire the equipment they need, quickly and easily.

Unlike banks and traditional lending institutions we make financing your equipment simple. The application is completed online and we aim to have you approved within 24 hours.

We offer 3 solutions depending on your needs including a rental, leasing and business loan options with terms that range from 12 months to 5 years.

Call us on 1300 659 676 to learn more about equipment finance brokers in Sydney today.

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