How To Build Your Business With The Best Staff

Finding the right staff when hiring can be tricky, so it’s important to showcase everything your company has to offer in order to attract the best people. In competitive markets it is the little things that matter to your potential employees, so take a look at these ideas below to make your company stand out from the crowd.

Find Out What The Going Rate Is And Match It

Whilst it is important to acknowledge that money isn’t everything, the salary you pay your employees is an important factor in attracting high quality staff to your business and keeping them there. It is not always common practice to display the salary offered, especially for any high-level executive roles. However, it is important to find out what your applicants expectations are and if they are in line with what you are offering.

Make Your Online Presence Known

Ensuring that your business can be found online is a key component of the recruitment drive. This doesn’t just mean that your job listing is visible across various online platforms, but that a prospect who is researching your company can find it online and has access to information about your brand, what you do, your company culture and anything else you may want to advertise to potential employees.

Lifestyle Is Key

The concept of work-life balance is one that is appealing to many full-time workers. Incorporating lifestyle as part of your recruitment offer will have broad appeal and give your company bonus points when hiring. Wellness programs are rising in popularity as employers strive to create a healthier workplace and encourage good habits among their staff. Such initiatives are also shown to reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs among staff. Another popular option is being open to flexible work arrangements. Employees who can find a balance between their personal life and work commitments tend to be more satisfied in the role, and this is reflected through higher productivity rates.

Foster A Positive Company Culture

Company culture has become somewhat of a buzz-word in the recruiting game over the past few years. The emergence of company culture and finding ‘a good cultural fit’ as a key part of the hiring process reflects our society’s desire to identify with the company they work for. This often means having shared values and direction. Young job-seekers especially place a high level of importance on corporate culture, seeking a workplace they are happy to spend 40+ hours of their week within.

Growth Growth Growth

Offering your employees opportunities for growth is key in both attracting and maintaining high quality team members. This can come in two forms, either through personal development and upskilling, or the opportunity for career advancement, raises and promotions. The former option is often at a low cost to the company but is valued by employees as it keeps their qualifications and knowledge relevant and up to date. The latter, is especially important to those coming in at an entry level position, or to those looking to propel their career forward. Many employees report becoming frustrated when there is little opportunity for an upward move within their company.

Recognise Your Employees Accomplishments

Recognising your employees achievements translates directly to increased morale in the workplace. Any initiatives which show employees that their contribution to the company is valued are important. This recognition does not have to be monetary, simply an acknowledgement of work well done is enough to show you care. On the recruitment front, WOM or public recognition of accomplishments can attract other high performing prospects to the company.

Embrace The Power Of The Team

Looking at your employees as a collective team is important in running a productive business with happy and high-performing members. Hiring people that are team players is important in maintaining workplace harmony. Utilising a hiring opportunity to fill gaps within your team is important, and pulling together too many team members with the same skills can cause tension due to overlapping responsibilities and competition for opportunities.

Encourage Employee Referrals

Data shows that people discover new employment opportunities through referral more than any other channel. Implementing a formalised employee referral program can encourage your team to bring in more like minded people into the company. Whilst paying recruitment bonuses can cost a little more than a job listing, ultimately the outcome is higher quality applicants.