Nightclub Fitness Is The New Franchise Trend You Need To Try

Research suggests that our younger generations are choosing fitness over the usual alcohol fueled night out. Many young Australians are opting to meet their friends for a group workout on a Friday night rather than at a club, and gyms are adapting to provide a fun filled experience without the hangover.

New nightclub gyms are popping up everywhere and offer all the facilities of your regular gym but with more of a party atmosphere. Attendees can expect to workout in a darkened room with strobing coloured lights and a playlist of club beats throughout the session. The use of this high quality lighting and sound system ensures an immersive experience for gym-goers.

Whilst there are a number of brands making a move into this space, Surry Hills’s ZADI Fitness is getting a lot of attention. The women only boutique studio can also be found in Neutral Bay and offers female-specific HIIT workouts across four different class types. With small class sizes and routines backed by exercise science, ZADI offers women the opportunity to train with state of the art equipment and technology, in an environment that screams fun.

Whilst ZADI opt’s for an edgy ‘unleash the extraordinary’ vibe, other brands and going in a different direction. Many of these new studios offer a bar serving kombucha and bliss balls during daytime hours, with some embracing their nightclub atmosphere and serving up cocktails and shots post-workout.

Whether you’re looking to switch up your workout routine or for something to do on a Friday night, Nightclub Fitness is a must try and expected to be the next trend in fitness franchising.