Finding The Right Staff For Your Franchise

Employee performance is key to the overall success of a business, finding the right employee for your business can be challenging. The right employee can contribute positively to the work environment and can increase productivity, hiring the wrong employee can be very costly. So how do you find the perfect fit?

Before you even start looking for your ideal candidate, you need to develop a plan, this plan should cover the role, finances and how you will you go about recruiting a new staff member. Conduct an analysis to identify what skills are required of the role, collect information about the duties, responsibilities, outcomes and work environment. Prioritise what your team needs and look for traits that are complementary to this. This analysis is fundamental to developing the ‘Job Description’. By clearly defining the role, and what it encompasses, this allows the perfect Job Description to be written.

The Job Description should be as clear and specific as possible, using precise language to attract the right candidates. The description clearly identifies the tasks required, so any prospective candidates can determine if the role is suitable for them and understand what is expected.

The Job Advertisement should be explicit about the type of person the company is looking for. In the advertisement include 3-4 traits of the ideal candidate, selling points of the job, and outline any key tasks and training that will be offered. To avoid being flooded with generic applications, the Job Advertisement should be posted wherever it will reach the most suitable audience.

The interview stage of the hiring process is one of the most important steps, connecting the employer with the candidate. From the employers perspective, it is an opportunity to accurately assess competency, motivation, capabilities, achievement and fit. It also gives insight into the candidates personality. During this stage it is important to identify if the candidates ambitions and career goals align with the advertised position. Before an interview, candidates should be prescreened, credentials and applications should be reviewed and screened against job description to ensure a good match.

The interview is a powerful factor in hiring an employee, good questions help to separate desirable candidates from average candidates. During the interview, the interviewer should use a systematic approach, using checklists and scripted questions to avoid bias.

Don’t hire immediately after one interview, remember that you are in a relationship with your employee for a long time, so you need to make sure they are a good long-term fit your company. Take your time to analyse, and even conduct a second interview in a different environment if necessary.

After hiring employee it is important they feel cared for and welcomed. Conduct regular check ins with your new employee to monitor their progress and how they are performing in their role.

The key to a successful business is the team of employees conducting the daily operations. Employees directly relate to sales, so it is key to build the best team possible. Finding the right employee to fill a role can be a difficult process, however it can do wonders for an organisation.