Taking A Minute For Mindfulness

In a time where many peoples jobs take them outside the traditional 9-5 hours, taking time for oneself can often be forgotten. This non-stop lifestyle can also mean people lose track of what they are actually achieving in their work day, and mindfulness is something that can help with this.

Taking some time during the day, whether it be one minute or ten, has a range of benefits for both personal health and workplace productivity. Practicing mindfulness is about being more aware of the actions in your daily routine, and taking time to slow-down and focus your energy. When someone is too focused on task completion rather than the task itself, the quality of the work done is often poor.

Taking time for mindfulness helps bring your full attention to the tasks your are performing and allows you to see situations more clearly, thus achieving better results. Having a greater awareness of how you spend your time helps achieve a better work/life balance, which has been proven to create happier and more productive workplaces.

Looking at one’s personal health, the activities involved in practicing mindfulness lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress hormone. In addition to this, it helps improve positive mindset and helps in being present in the moment. This is why Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is being incorporated into many companies wellness programs.

If you’re wondering how you can start practicing mindfulness during your day, the answer is simple. Taking some time to perform some simple breathing exercises, yoga or a short walk are all great ways, and you don’t even have to leave your desk.