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Boost your Franchise Network Growth

Take your network growth to the next level
with CFI's Franchise Incubator Programme​

Looking to give your growing franchise network an edge over the competition?

The best known franchise networks already know the secret. Access to capital is the key driver for system growth. 

Partnering with an experienced franchise financier can provide the capital your franchisees need! And with CFI’s Franchise Incubator programme, we’ve made it easier than ever for emerging franchise networks to accelerate their growth.


What is CFI's Franchise Incubator?

Put simply it’s the first step towards full franchise accreditation and the streamlined access to funding that is provides.

How does it work?

Our accreditation is a deep dive into understanding the franchise networks we fund. Our Franchise Incubator can be thought of as ‘accreditation light’ with understanding that an emerging franchise network may not have all of the data that we would normally require for a full accreditation.

What's are the benefits for the franchisor?

Just like a full accreditation, we try to understand as much as we can about your business and the types of franchisees you’re looking to attract so we can best support you.

Franchises in our incubator programme:

  • Reduce the work involved in obtaining finance for their  new and existing franchisees
  • Receive feedback and support from CFI Franchise Finance Specialists on industry trends, application quality, benchmarks and more.
  • Benefit from marketing support around using and obtaining finance.
  • Roll smoothly into full CFI Finance accreditation once they meet our qualifying criteria.

When it comes to franchises, CFI can provide finance for just about anything...

Whether you're an established franchisee or just starting out on your franchising journey, CFI is the finance company for you!

Since opening our doors in 2014 we’ve helped thousands of Australians to realise their franchise ownership dreams, to expand into new territories, become multi-unit franchisees, and more. 

Why choose CFI?

If you’re looking for a franchise loan, CFI are the franchise system experts. Our Franchise Finance specialists guide each applicant through the easy application process. You can engage with CFI before you even sign your Franchise Agreement and make sure you have the financial support in place from day one to ensure your cash flow is protected from day one.CFI can even assist with tools and templates including cash flow forecasts, business plans, and more. When you’re ready to start your franchise business, it’s time to talk to CFI Finance.Check out the Benefits and find out why more franchisees are turning to CFI Finance, and when you’re ready to make a loan application, just click…

Where to next?

Get Pre-Approved
Apply online for finance in just a few minutes. Getting your finance in place should be one of the first steps on your franchising journey, whether you’re starting your first business or expanding your franchise footprint.
Tools & Calculators
Get and instant Online Quote, check out our How Much Can I Borrow calculator, or plan your startup costs with our Cost & Funding Scenario tool.
Finance Products
CFI has a range of Finance Products, from Business Loans to Equipment Finance and Working Capital. Find out more about our products and how CFI can help grow your business.
Franchise Finance Experts
CFI Finance are the franchise finance experts. Learn more about what makes CFI the first and best choice when it comes to franchise finance here.
Start a Business
Tell most finance companies you’re just starting and watch them run a mile. Well not CFI, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses get started, find out if we can help you too…
Buy a Business
When you’re buying a business there’s a lot to do. Take away one headache and talk to CFI about you business acquisition finance options today.
Franchise Accreditation
Accreditation is about driving network growth, providing streamlined access to funding for new and existing franchisees. If you’re a franchisor, take a look at the benefits of getting accredited with CFI.
For Finance Brokers
CFI partners with commercial finance brokers and aggregators to deliver fantastic SME finance outcomes. Learn more about becoming an accredited CFI Finance introducer on our broker page.
Useful Resources
We’ve pulled together a range of useful resources to help you get started, from Business Plan templates, to Financial Forecast tools, you’ll find it all on our Customer Resources page.

Just some of the brands we work with...

*This is just a small selection and doesn’t represent all of the brands accredited with CFI. Whether your brand is listed here or not, CFI can help!

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